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Here are 3 tips and tricks to help you get started in this world of SEO!

  1. Research & Use Keywords that are relevant to your niche

1.1 Put yourself in the perspective of the customer and try to think what it is, a customer is likely to type in, on google to find your kind of content. I suggest writing down different phrases on google and possibly see what comes up. Google’s auto query will also help you get more ideas for common keywords people type in.

1.2 Get Keyword Research software, these pieces of software are tremendously helpful. They give you insights as to what keywords have a lot of competition and what keywords may be common but there’s no competition on them. A good strategy I recommend for beginners is to type in on google a keyword related to your niche and an area to try to tackle small cities with less competition first, so you can build confidence, and get comfortable once you have your website listing on the top. Then you can slowly start trying to tackle bigger cities and this is how you build confidence and experience.

Here is a screenshot using Ubersuggest, of me comparing and analyzing, what locations around me has the most competition and the most google searches for those keywords. In this example, circled in blue you can see that the keyword “web designer in nyc ” has a high volume of searches per month in comparison to my other keywords. Naturally the “SD” which means SEO Difficulty will be higher, because there is more to gain if you are able to get to the top of google with a keyword like that. The SD stat shows your estimated amount of competition in that category. The higher the SD, the harder it will be to rank. As a beginner I would recommend going after something like Stamford labeled in red. Stamford has a smaller amount of competition and less SEO difficulty making it an achievable goal for a beginner.

  1. Try to get as many Quality Backlinks as possible.

2.1 Google’s Search algorithm cares a lot about quality backlinks. a Quality backlink would be a website with Domain authority and that has relevancy to your topic. Domain Authority scales from a range of 1-100. The higher the domain authority the from the backlinks you get, the higher your domain rating! What I also recommend doing is researching your competitor, and figure out where they are getting there quality backlinks from and use that as a template for what you want to look for.

2.2 A good way to start getting backlinks back to your website is by guest posting on other websites. There are tons of websites that want professionals to write on certain topics. This is a really good way to get more backlinks, as both you, and the website owner, which you are writing for will benefit. You will get your quality backlink back to you, and the website owner in exchange gets free quality content that their viewers will get to indulge in.

2.3 Here is an example of a top website in a certain niche for a certain city and they are at the top of their competition. Specifically I used Ahrefs to look up the websites backlink profile.

What we can analyze here for why they are doing so well, is they have a ton of Quality Backlinks! All of the backlinks they have come from quality websites who have a good domain rating and have there own quality backlinks. This just shows you how powerful getting quality backlinks can be, as you can reap the benefits from another websites backlink profile and traffic without doing much work at all once u get your link on there website! Basically the better quality backlinks you get the more potential exponential growth. Now You’d be upgrading the traffic you get, on two ends. On one end you are increasing your google visibility to the top, and on the other end you are getting traffic from the website you guest posted on! All while also building trust with customers because now you’re networking with an already established and trusted website!

3. Make sure to optimize your meta description and titles to match search intent! What does this mean? It means to try and use keywords that people are likely to search within your titles and meta description. But the key thing you have to keep in mind is to implement those keywords naturally into your titles and sentences so that it doesn’t look like you’re just spamming your keyword. U want someone on google to read your meta description and make the decision to click on your link because your meta description perfectly describes the intent your

 potential customer is looking for.

Here is an example of a good meta description and a bad one. The bottom meta description seems like they were trying to just spam as many keywords into it and it makes it unclear and unprofessional what the clear goal of the website is. Compare this to the top Meta Description, and you will see the top one is simpler, uses keywords in an organic way, tells the customer clearly what clicking on that website will offer to the customer. The better you get at writing meta descriptions the more likely you are to get clicked in google search results.

I hope you find these SEO tips helpful! If you followed the tips above you are on your way to success! if at the end of all this you still would rather have a professional do it, I don’t blame you! Please schedule your free consultation with CTS Web & Digital Development and we will definitely provide you the help you need!